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  • πŸš€ AI consultancy can be a lucrative career path.
  • πŸ’‘ OpenAI's Chat GPT has opened up new opportunities for AI professionals.
  • πŸ“ˆ AI could potentially surpass finance in terms of job opportunities and earning potential.


Mark Kashef, a former finance professional turned data scientist, capitalized on the release of OpenAI's chatbot, Chat GPT, by offering consultations on using generative AI for productivity and chatbot development on Fiverr. His services quickly gained traction, leading to a successful side career as an AI consultant. Kashef, who also holds a master's degree in artificial intelligence management, believes that AI could surpass finance in terms of job opportunities and earning potential in the long term.

starlaneai's full analysis

The article highlights the potential of AI to create lucrative job opportunities, even surpassing traditional fields like finance. This could lead to a shift in the job market, with more professionals transitioning to AI-related roles. However, it's important to consider the challenges associated with AI, such as the need for specialized skills and the potential for job displacement in other sectors. The article also underscores the potential of platforms like Fiverr to facilitate the adoption of AI services, which could lead to increased democratization of AI. However, the ethical implications of widespread AI adoption are not discussed in the article, which is a significant oversight given the potential for misuse of AI technology.

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starlaneai's Ratings & Analysis

Technical Advancement

70 The article discusses the use of OpenAI's Chat GPT, a significant technical advancement in the field of AI. However, it does not delve into the technical details of the tool.

Adoption Potential

80 The adoption potential is high as the article discusses how an individual has successfully adopted AI technology for consultancy work.

Public Impact

60 The public impact is moderate as the article discusses potential job opportunities in the AI field, which could influence career choices.


50 The novelty rating is moderate as the use of AI in consultancy work is not a new concept, but the application of Chat GPT in this context is relatively novel.

Article Accessibility

75 The article is accessible to a general audience, with clear language and explanations of AI concepts.

Global Impact

40 The global impact is moderate as the article discusses the potential of AI to create job opportunities, which is relevant globally.

Ethical Consideration

30 Ethical considerations are not discussed in the article.

Collaboration Potential

60 The collaboration potential is high as the article discusses the use of AI in a collaborative platform like Fiverr.

Ripple Effect

50 The ripple effect is moderate as the article discusses the potential of AI to disrupt traditional fields like finance.

Investment Landscape

70 The AI investment landscape could be significantly affected if AI indeed surpasses finance in terms of job opportunities and earning potential.

Job Roles Likely To Be Most Interested

Data Scientist
Ai Consultant
Ai Engineer

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Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Generative Artificial Intelligence
Amazon (Company)
Queen's University At Kingston
Pharmaceutical Industry
Master's Degree
Kingston, Ontario
Artificial Intelligence Management
Chat Gpt
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Mark Kashef
Ai Consultancy