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How To Get Started With Gemini Flash 1.5'S Code Execution Feature? image courtesy


  • πŸš€ Google's Gemini model now has a code execution feature.
  • πŸ’‘ The new feature allows Gemini to overcome some limitations of language models.
  • 🎯 With code execution, Gemini can perform precise calculations and procedural tasks.
  • πŸ”¬ The article demonstrates Gemini's improved capabilities with practical examples.


Google's Gemini, a large language model (LLM), has been updated with a code execution feature, allowing it to not only understand and generate text but also execute code to solve complex problems. This advancement enhances its utility in a variety of applications, from natural language processing to performing specific computational tasks. The ability to run code allows Gemini to overcome some of the inherent limitations of language models, particularly in handling precise calculations and procedural tasks. The article demonstrates this by asking Gemini to perform tasks that it previously failed at, such as displaying the first five letters of the word 'Mississippi' and calculating the sum of the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. With the new code execution feature, Gemini was able to successfully complete these tasks by generating and executing the appropriate Python code.

starlaneai's full analysis

The introduction of code execution in Google's Gemini model could have far-reaching implications for the AI industry. It represents a significant technical advancement, pushing the boundaries of what large language models can do. This could spur further innovation and competition in the field, potentially leading to the development of more sophisticated AI applications. However, it also raises important ethical considerations, particularly around the potential misuse of models that can execute code. It will be crucial for Google and the wider AI community to address these issues as they continue to advance the capabilities of AI.

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starlaneai's Ratings & Analysis

Technical Advancement

80 The introduction of code execution in Gemini represents a significant technical advancement in the capabilities of large language models.

Adoption Potential

70 Given Google's influence and the utility of the feature, there is a high potential for adoption among developers and businesses.

Public Impact

60 While the direct impact on the public may not be immediate, the advancements could lead to more sophisticated AI applications in various sectors.


75 The ability for a language model to execute code is a novel feature that sets Gemini apart from other large language models.

Article Accessibility

65 The article is fairly accessible to those with a basic understanding of AI and coding, though some concepts may be complex for laymen.

Global Impact

55 The global impact could be substantial as Google's products are widely used worldwide, and this advancement could influence the development of AI applications globally.

Ethical Consideration

50 The article does not discuss ethical considerations, but these are always relevant in AI development, especially with models that can execute code.

Collaboration Potential

70 The update to Gemini could foster collaboration as developers worldwide can leverage this feature for various applications.

Ripple Effect

60 The ripple effect could be significant as this advancement may influence other companies to develop similar capabilities.

Investment Landscape

65 This development could attract more investment in AI, particularly in large language models and their applications.

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